Annealing – Heat treating process used to reduce material hardness and increase elongation properties. Annealed tube is required to maximize the capabilities of bending equipment.

Bench Mounting Adapter – Optional adjustable adapter used to mount the Model 412 and 420 benders to a table or bench. Required for mandrel use.

Bend Angle Indexing Gage – Device used to accurately rotate tubing when making multi­plane bends.

Bend Radius (Also CLR) – Dimension from tube centerline to center of bend.

Bi-Directional Bender – Model 624 and 648 machines are capable of making either right or left bends. Required for opposite direction or “s” type bends.

Clamp Arm (Also Bend Arm, Swing Arm) – Device to hold clamp block which secures the tube to the radius block on models 624, 632 and 648.

Clamp Block (Also Clamp Die) – Tooling required to secure tube to the radius block.

Flare-End Radius Block (Also Close-Bend Radius Block) – Optional special radius block used to make a bend adjacent to a flared tube end.

I.P.S. (Iron Pipe Size) – Designation of round pipe sizes which have unique outside dimensions. Optional custom tooling is required.

Mandrel – Device inserted inside a tube during bending to provide internal support to prevent tube distortion and flattening.

Mandrel Rod Stop – Adjustable fixture that positions a mandrel rod and mandrel to a fixed point in a tube while being bent to prevent tube distortion and flattening. Must be mounted on a sturdy, flat work surface in line with the bending machine.

Radius Block (Also Bend Die, Forming Die, Wheel, Shoe) – Tooling required on all bending machines to form the shape of the bent tube.

Slide Arm (Also Stationary Arm) – Device to hold slide block which supports the tube on the outside surface of the bend on models 624, 632 and 648.

Slide Block (Also Pressure Die, Follower) – Tooling required to support the tube on the outside surface of the bend.

Springback –Tendency of a bent tube to return to its natural straight condition. Over-bending (3o to 5o) is required to assure that the material will meet desired bend angle specification when released from bending machine. This over-bending factor is dependent upon material and bend radius.

Wiper Die – Tooling used in conjunction with a ball-link mandrel when bending thin wall tubing on a tight radius. Not available for use on Lakeland Benders.

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