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As a recognized leader in the fluid power tube fabricating industry for over 80 years, Lakeland Products has a long-established reputation of quality, dependability and versatility. Our familiar-looking machines have also been sold under the Parker-Hannifin, Teledyne-Republic, Pines Manufacturing and Dana-Weatherhead brands.

Lakeland Products Tube Fabricating Equipment is Made With Pride in the U.S.A..

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Lakeland rotary-draw tube benders and tube end-finishers have been the standard of the industry and are used in the aerospace, shipbuilding, construction, manufacturing, plumbing, medical, military and agricultural industries, just to name just a few.

We offer portable and bench-mounted equipment to handle sizes from 1/4″ to 2″ in standard as well as custom metric and I.P.S. pipe sizes.

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Springback –Tendency of a bent tube to return to its natural straight condition. Over-bending (3o to 5o) is required to assure that the material will meet desired bend angle specification when released from bending machine. This over-bending factor is dependent upon material and bend radius.

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